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Announcing two new members: Karavan & Acting for Climate!

We are delighted to announce two new members of the Baltic Nordic Circus Network community – Karavan and Acting for Climate!

Introducing Karavan!

What is Karavan? Karavan is an artist-driven stage, a company and a platform for contemporary circus in the south of Sweden. The activities include both performances, circus festival, networking and artistic and educational projects.

How do you feel about being part of the Baltic Nordic Circus Network? Karavan are so happy and proud to be a part of the Baltic Nordic Circus Network. For us it shows that we are stable enough to be a part in something bigger than ourselves. We are so looking forward to be an example of a artist-driven stage and platform, to present a stable DIY organization that is constantly changing and developing. We are looking forward to showcase circus from the south of Sweden. To learn from and support company’s, groups, artists and organizations from near and far.

Introducing Acting for Climate!

Photo by: Agathe Bisserier

What is Acting for Climate? The aim of contemporary circus company Acting for Climate (NO) is to use art to inspire people to act for a more sustainable future.

They create and tour their own performances, and are a growing international network of people, artists and activists that nurture collaboration for sustainability. Fueled by the a drive to change the world, they always aim to choose the most sustainable way, and to “walk the talk”.

Acting for Climate believes that both the process and the product are political. They deal with sustainability both as a theme and the way they approach things, like touring with sail ships and bikes, and collaborating with climate scientists in their artistic processes. Through their workshops and international collaboration projects, they aim to inspire and empower artists and people to take action, exchange knowledge, question the norms and make each other stronger.

We constantly aim to develop the art field and inspire change in society as a whole.

How do you feel about being part of the Baltic Nordic Circus Network? Wow! Thank you for inviting us in to the BNCN family!

As the most important network for contemporary circus in our region, we are grateful and humble to be part. We see the fact that you let us in as a signal of the network’s will to work with circus and sustainability, and we promise to keep our part of the deal and keep pushing in a greener direction ;))

Artists in the core team of Acting for Climate have already gained a lot of knowledge and skills through the projects of BNCN, and it is a pleasure to be invited to keep building the network, and give something back. We would love to continue our work with sustainability within the network, share our experience with artists and creatives all over the region, and learn from each other – as well as take part of the general development of contemporary circus in the region and in our countries. We all get better when we collaborate.

Though working internationally, Acting for Climate is based in Norway – a country that still has a looong way to go when it comes to contemporary circus. We hope that our membership can also give us knowledge and (wo)manpower in our journey to build up the Norwegian circus scene.

With loads of excitement for all the fabulous adventures to come, Acting for Climate Crew


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