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Have a great holiday everyone!

Isn’t that a beautiful wintery image of the hula hooper? She’s in fact called Karin Svensson and part of Mighty Performing Arts Collective who were in residency earlier this year with BNCN and Karavan in Malmö, Sweden. This image is screenshot from their trailer for their show Hairy Tales – watch it here.

The year has swished past in tremendous speed. At BNCN we are very busy behind the scenes preparing for next years projects and activities at our new co-hosting organisations Cirkus Syd and Riga Circus, as well as evaluating the last 3 years of activities and projects of Manegen in Sweden’s hosting period.

Did you come to a workshop/seminar/other something and would like to share your view? Do you have ideas about what you think the network should work on, or activities to organise in the next 3 years? Fill in the form here (much appreciated) or email info(a)

Next year BNCN will be run from two new offices at Riga Circus in Riga, Latvia and Stenkrossen in the City of Lund, Sweden.

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Season greetings!


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