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Introducing Typhaine Sotés, our new Digital and Communications Producer!

Bonjour dear circus co-creators!

My name is Typhaine and I will be working part time as Digital and Communications Producer for Cirkus Syd and BNCN for 5 months. I am very excited to start this position as it involves performing arts, creative minds and cultural diversity. I can’t wait to be moving closer to Lina and kick-off 2021 with you all!

Originally from France, I’ve been travelling and living abroad before choosing Stockholm as my home sweet home in 2008. I’ve always been interested in Arts, human evolution, personal development and communities. I have been actively engaged in creative and transformative festivals since 2005 and more recently involved in sustainable and/or social projects. Since 2016 I have worked as International Art Project Manager for Burning Man and as production and event manager of the Burning Man European Leadership Summit, organized annually in a European city. In my spare (and Covid free)-time, I really love co-creating events with Scandinavian participatory communities such as The Borderland.

New Circus has a special place in my heart as it involves a multitude of acts, personalities, talents and genres. There has been a turning point in my career with art from the moment I toured with Cirkus Cirkör in 2015. I was not sure how to be a circus tour manager from one day to another, but it all came together thanks to the diversity of works I had experienced before which gave me the tools to bring it all together. Since then I have organised my career in such a way as to mindfully leave space and time for circus and performing arts. That’s how I had the chance to work with Clowns without Borders as a tour manager and sometimes to join clowns workshops myself.

Wanna be a clown when I grow older 🙂

I very much look forward to meeting you all !

(Photo: Typhaine Sotés, Emerging Sensation exhibition by Malin Bobeck Tadaa)


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