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New member Nycirkus Öst, Sweden!

A warm welcome to Nycirkus Öst!

We asked Magali Bancel a few questions about their organisation and vision being a part of the network.

Tell us, what is Nycirkus Öst? It’s a network of organisations and individuals in the East region of Sweden. The network is a non-profit organisation that developed out of a 3 year project (under the same name), funded by the Swedish Arts Council, the Region of Östergötland, the cities of Finspång and Linköping, as well as Östgötateatern. The project organised networking, arranged courses for circus trainers and artists, and established East Sweden Circus Festival – that produced three international circus festivals during the years 2017-2019 – the first two in Finspång under the name Cirkusslottet and the last in Linköping under the name I Dare You. The network has a board of 12 members and fundings for, and organises, daily and open training for professional circus artists in Norrköping in collaboration with another BNCN member, Manegen. The network has received funding to develop contemporary circus in the city of Linköping and to start a project to develop a second international circus festival in Linköping 2021.

Why did you want to join the Baltic Nordic Circus Network? We believe Östergötland to be one of the proactive regions in Sweden when looking at circus. With wide ranging possibilities and developments in term of action, from festival organising, show producing, circus school training, residencies, open training for professional, to regular masterclasses for professional, teacher training courses, etc… Therefore, it is important for us to be able to create valuable connections with other circus active organisation, both nationally and internationally. Together we are stronger! Sharing knowledge and experience, creating projects together and helping each other develop the circus field is something we are looking forward too. Being able to join BNCN and connect with our nearest circus colleagues felt like an important step to take.

What do you look forward to most in the next year? To see the seed we planted grow into exciting projects. We are now in a planning phase, where different groups develop different projects such has our education program or our festival, as well as many other smaller project. And of course, to be able to welcome the BNCN ARTiculate Circus Education project to our exciting circus school in Norrköping.

Anything else? We believe that the circus deserves a bigger place in people’s attention and it feels very good to join a group of other circus believers.

It’s possible to visit Nycirkus Öst website and follow them here on their Facebook!

Photo credits: Maryam Barari.


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