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We love clown!  1-Day Clown-workshop with MPAC, Malmö 15/10

Karavan and BNCN present a Clown workshop at Karavan the 15th oktober kl.10-16.

“Connection and playfulness…. the clown acts in a norm-critical, releasing manner. Like an eye-opener, a kind of societal conscience and awakens our vulnerability, our humanity by managing the world in its’ very own way. We love clown!

In this one day course we explore the power of play, to be present in the moment and sincerely in contact with fellow performers and the audience. Credibility, generosity and trust are key words. The course contains exercises for relaxation, body awareness, presence, object manipulation, slapstick and improvisation. Each participant will be creating bespoke performative material, on their own or in the group.

This course is free an open to all professionals within performing arts. Limited spaces – register by emailing your name and phone number to with “clownworkshop” in the subject line (registration mandatory).

Two travel bursaries for the fair across the bridge available to Copenhagen based artists. Email to request.

The workshop is lead by MPAC (Mighty Performing Arts Collective) whom are also in residency through the BNCN and Karavan international residency opportunity throughout October. You might know MPAC from their show Hairy Tales which has been touring the world during the last few years.

M.P.A.C. creates original works of performing arts through devising steeped in a standard critical and feminist approach.

Our main artistic expression is clown. To us, the clown is by nature anarchic, acts as a kind of a social conscience and exists in contact with the audience. We are intrigued to create a clown for today, that speaks to the people of today, a clown that shakes and rocks and storms and comforts. Giving relief and insight in the human condition. Giving a platform to meet strangers and playfully connect.

Founding members of M.P.A.C. are Karin Svensson, Jenny Soddu, Kajsa Englund and Camilla Rud.

Our backgrounds differ and create an invigorating dynamic. In common we have a Master of Fine Arts in Physical Comedy from the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (SADA), and a long commitment to the organisation Clowns without borders. We have performed for a great variety of audiences all over the world. We use the power of performing arts to make the world a greater and funnier place to be.

Karin Svensson ”Sometimes I shave and sometimes I don’t” With a great love to the honesty of the clown and the possibilities to improvise, Karin has studied at Eric de Bont (Spain), with Clowns without Borders and at SADA (Sweden). Karin currently works on a freelance basis with original devised shows, as a hospital clown and on tours with Clowns without Borders, using her skills in hula hoop & acrobatics to add some extra flavor.

Jenny Soddu ”I have never shaved. It sort of never happened.” The only one in Sweden with a Bachelor in circus and a Master in Clown. An artistry of continuous exploration of impossible combinations of hand stand, balance, movement and object manipulation. Jenny has met all kinds of audiences, in different contexts, almost all over the world, in a wide range and scale of productions; Cirkus Cirkör, Riksteatern, Kompani Giraff, in chic club gigs and in refugee camps in conflict affected areas.

Kajsa Englund ”Sometimes friends want to pull a beard bristle off my chin.” Kajsa has studied at Jacques Lecoq in Paris and has a Master in physical comedy from SADA in Stockholm. On a freelance basis Kajsa works mainly with devising and within a physical theatrical expression. Kajsa has a strong devotion to the exploration of clowning and its function in today’s society.

Camilla Rud ”I started getting gray hair at the age of 23.”Teenage roles in film and TV mapped Camilla’s path as an artist. With a background in theatre and gymnastics she first pursued a career as stunt, moulding her expression and then presenting her own clown. With an acrobatic ability Camilla has stumble her way through continents, done a Master in physical comedy, founded the clown company Trupp Trunk and been awarded Narrenpriset.

The international residency and workshop is supported by Region Skåne



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