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Announcing new member in Iceland: Hringleikur

This month we can annouce a new member from Iceland! This is our first member in Iceland and opens up a new geographical dimension of our Baltic-Nordic cooperation.

Introducing Hringleikur, we asked Eyrún Ævarsdóttir a few questions to tell us about the organisation:

What is Hringleikur? 

Hringleikur is an Icelandic circus organisation that is working towards building a stronger circus scene in Iceland. We create and produce circus projects and shows of different sorts and sizes, as well as running a youth circus. We are a group of around 20 circus artists who have been doing circus in Iceland for a while now and wanted to create a non-profit organisation that would be a clear frame around our efforts in making circus a known piece of culture here and to introduce how different and surprising circus can be.

Why did you want to join the Baltic Nordic Circus Network? 

Connecting with others makes you stronger, and it feels important to reach out from our isolated little island – to be part of the world around us and to get access to knowledge, research and insight into what is happening and how things are done elsewhere, and being part of a network like BNCN is a good way to do that. We want to be connected to the field around us and are grateful to feel how friendly and inviting BNCN has been bringing us in.

What do you look forward to most in the next year? In the next year we will be exploring some of the challenges of performing circus in Iceland, where larger stages are limited in numbers and accessibility. We will be diving into the creation of a new outside show, as well as trying to bring circus to a wider range of towns and villages around the country. With the complications of the world pandemic there will be quite of a hurdle in the next year, but I’m sure it’s solvable and we’ll find ways to train and perform in spite of the situation.

Anything else? Hope everyone’s hanging in there with the situation going on, staying healthy and happy and finding new creative pathways for circus in these very weird times!

Check out more about Hringleikur on their website:


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