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Job shadowing activity kicks off with first 4 teachers!

This autumn has been busy for BNCN - we had our general meeting in Odense (11-13th of September), after we met a lot of colleagues in FRESH street industry event in Paris and lastly - our job shadowing activity has started!

Job shadowing is a part of the ARTiculate Pedagogy Network, our big circus education project that we are have been implementing for last 1,5 years (it will end at 2025, so still some time to go!).

The idea if the activity is to give the opportunity to circus trainers to visit another circus school in the region and shadow their work (they can shadow a specific teacher or the whole organisation).

Circus pedagogy is a very hard profession - you have to have pedagogical skills, know circus technique (of course), but also be able to teach the artistic side of it (here's where it gets complicated). And there aren't many places where you can go an learn to be a circus teacher, so this project is a practical opportunity to learn, observe, explore and experience other contexts and working methods.

The activity has already started and one of the first people that went and "shadowed" another school was Jonas from AFUK/ Orkenfortet (Denmark), who went to Circus Studio "Folie" in Estonia, Lauren and Sigurdis from Hringleikur (Iceland) that both went to AFUK/ Orkenfortet and Elina from Riga Circus School that went to Taidekoulu Estradi (Finland).

We think practical way is the best way to learn! Before the visit, all "shadowers" had to prepare their visit plans together with the host organisation according to their own goals and wishes for this experience.

In total, there will be 16 circus teacher across the region that will go and shadow other schools.

Partners of the projects (and schools that participate in the shadowing): AFUK/ Orkenfortet (Denmark), Delarija (Lithuania), Riga Circus School (Latvia), Circus Studio "Folie" (Estonia), Taidekoulu Estradi (Finland), Circus Supiainen (Finland), Cirkus Cirkor (Sweden), Hringleikur (Iceland) and another school in south of Sweden.

Best of luck to the future shadowers!

The activity is supported by Nordic Culture Point and NORDPLUS.

If you are interested in reading more about ARTiculate Pedagogy Network, here is the strategic document!

Photo credits - personal archive of Sigurdis, Lauren, Jonas and Elina.


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