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Passing the Baton

New year, new era, the last 3 years (2014-2016) BNCN has been hosted by Sirkus Info Finland since the inauguration of the Network.

A new 3 year period has begun and the baton has been passed to Manegen – a national organisation for circus, variety and street performance in Sweden. Members are artists, companies, producers, creators and students. Manegen will host the network from 2017-2019 under the leadership of Lina B. Frank. But before we get too much into that we would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Sirkus Info Finalnd (SIF) who hosted the network through it’s formalising years. During the period when the network was working out what it was and how it wanted to work.

Lotta Vaulo, Managing Director of Sirkus Info reflects:

“Hosting BNCN during the past years has been just great for CircusInfo Finland. Regional collaboration has developed fast and opened up new opportunities for artists and other circus professionals in the region; facilitating this process has been a true privilege! Acting as coordinator of this wonderful network has taught us a lot, as a support organisation of circus. All the information and practices we have shared between the members have been valuable and supported our own work. I am really happy to hand over the coordination of this blooming network to Manegen, as I feel the future is looking very good for us all.”

Jonna Leppänen was Coordinator BNCN May 2014-Dec 2015:

“The best thing for me about working with BNCN was to get to know all the amazing people involved and to get an overall picture about the circus art field in the Baltic and the Nordic countries. To build a network is about trust and I think we succeeded to build a trustful atmosphere together during that time.”

Lina B. Frank:

“Before becoming coordinator I have been having a personal as well as professional interest in the network for a while. I have noticed it appearing on the Nordic/Baltic horizon and been intrigued to find out more. It seems to me that the spirit of ambition, sharing and generosity is excellent and lays a really great foundation for our sector, the circus sector becoming stronger, better connected and develop artistically as a whole. It is really clear that in this network differences are a strength and all experiences are valid and relevant. I really look forward to being on this journey.”

So on behalf of all the member, those of have been in contact with the network professionally and informally we would like to say THANK YOU to Sirkus Info and we look forward to working further with you as a member of the network!

NB: The image of Team Sirkus Info does not include Jonna Leppänen.

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