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Welcome to Baltic Nordic Circus Hot Pot!

This is a new initiative to let people know what is cooking in our region!

In each general meeting of ours, we always share news of how each member organisations is doing (news, changes and etc) and we decided to turn this news-round that happens behind closed doors to a public announcement what exciting things are members are doing in their countries!

Expect 2 of these each year - 1 after each meeting. Also, this is a great way for you to better know our members (meet them, know more about them!).

Stay tuned, here is the first looooong list of exciting things cooking in the north:

DYNAMO, Odense/ Denmark

(stage and workspace for circus and performing arts)

🎪 Circus Education Program Takes Off: They are embarking on an exciting collaboration with a local high school's theatre department to create a high school-level Circus Education program. This groundbreaking initiative includes weekly workshops, and they're delighted to announce that funding has been secured for a pilot run in the autumn of 2023. Next year, they are making circus training mandatory for the theatre line, and in the following year, they're hopeful for a full-fledged circus line. 🍁🤸‍♂️

🎉 DYNAMO Circus Festival: The DYNAMO Circus Festival took center stage in June and delivered a breathtaking show. They are thrilled to share that it's now set to become a biennial event. So, mark your calendars for 2025 because that's when the circus extravaganza returns! 🎈

🎭 More Productions, Residencies, and Guest Performances: In the alternate years, they are gearing up for more creative endeavors. Between festivals, they are focusing on the production year. Plus, they're keeping their yearly co-production program, residency program, and guest performance program going strong. Expect a steady flow of thrilling performances and collaborations. 🎤

🌟 New Horizons Leadership Programme EU: The New Horizons Leadership Programme EU just launched during Southern Sweden Circus festival in Lund. In this program, 10 Fellows (the future circus leaders) will be guided by 10 Experts (the current circus leaders) over the next 10 months. And it doesn't stop there; they'll all meet in Riga next June to reflect on the incredible journey and celebrate the knowledge gained. 🚀

🏢 Building for the Future: Their building is in for some exciting changes. They've successfully secured funding to enhance the space, making it more suitable for hosting multiple activities concurrently. Currently, they have three rooms, separated only by stage curtains. But that's all changing! In the spring of 2024 (April and May), they'll be closing up shop for a couple of months to bring their vision to life. Get ready for a more versatile, dynamic, and bustling space. 🏗️

ØRKENFORTET, Copenhagen/ Denmark

(children's and youth association for new circus and performing arts.)

🎪 Uniting Circus Forces: They are thrilled to announce their merger with another association, InnerCirq, both based at AFUK. Now, Ørkenfortet is the driving force for circus training catering to children, adults, and professionals. This autumn, they are running a whopping 21 classes each week. This means that approximately 280 kids, youngsters, and adults have become members of Ørkenfortet and are joining the circus fun. In addition to these fantastic classes, they're also organizing a range of workshops in Vertical Dance, Clowning, Aerial Arts, and exploring various events that promise both profit and knowledge for the association! 🌟

🤸 Articulate Pedagogy Network (BNCN project): Their partnership in Articulate continues to soar. The youth camp in Tallinn was an incredible success, leaving a smile on the faces of both their dedicated teachers and enthusiastic kids. The good news is that they're eager to continue this project, perhaps even bringing it to their own home turf! 🏠

📚 Sharing Knowledge: They are enthusiastically participating in job shadowing activities (BNCN project). Not only are they sending two of their own teachers to explore and learn from five different organizations, but they are also welcoming educators from these organizations. This exchange is a brilliant opportunity for them to share their expertise and receive valuable feedback on their classes, pedagogical methods, and approaches with different target groups. It's also a platform for them to connect with peers, discussing organizational structures, class development, curriculum, teamwork, and teacher competency! 🌎

🌐 Danish Circus Advocacy: On the national agenda in Denmark, a new association is taking the circus world by storm. DSC, Danish Contemporary Circus, aims to unite everyone involved in contemporary circus, including organizations, companies, and artists. Anne Mette, working one day a week as coordinator, is playing a pivotal role in this initiative. The association thrives on its members and membership fees.

🎓 Pioneering Circus Education: Søren Flor, a former teacher at AFUK, is now the project leader for a groundbreaking Bachelor's program in circus in Copenhagen. They're cooking up a pilot program for a 4-year course right in the heart of Copenhagen, set to kick off in September 2024 with auditions scheduled for the spring of that year. What's even more thrilling is that this new educational endeavor is generously funded by a private philanthropist, and DSC is actively involved in planning and developing this groundbreaking education. This is the future of circus education, and they can't wait to embark on this exciting journey! 🎓🚀

Circus Studio Folie, Tallinn/ Estonia

(the only youth circus with circus curriculum in Estonia)

🎪 Student Enthusiasm: Currently, they're proud to nurture the talents of 170 students, though they eagerly anticipate a more balanced gender representation, with hopes for more boys to join their circus family. 🧒👦🎭

💪 Overcoming Challenges: The quest to find an ample number of trainers has been a challenging endeavor, but they're resolute in their commitment to meet this obstacle head-on. 🏋️🤼

🌆 Thriving Camps: With four successful City camps and a summer camp that generated enthusiastic participation, their circus community continues to grow. ☀️🏢

🎓 Dreams of Education: Their hearts and minds are set on establishing a high school for circus education. While no concrete steps have been taken, they're actively exploring ideas and seeking inspiration to turn this dream into a reality. 📚💡

🎉 A Fresh Perspective: In the spirit of exciting news, they've welcomed a new general manager to their team, infusing fresh energy and a new perspective into their circus family. 🎈🤝🤹‍♂️

CIRKUS SYD, Lund/Sweden

(cultural networking platform for research, development and innovation)

🎪 Festival Fever: Between the 7th and 10th of September, they made history with the grand launch of the Southern Sweden Circus Festival. It was an exhilarating event where they unveiled their visions and ambitious plans for the forthcoming festivals set to captivate audiences in 2024, 2026, 2028, and even 2030! 📅

🎉 Biennial Spectacle: Get ready for a breathtaking spectacle, as the festival takes on a biennial rhythm in even years. The real circus extravaganza is set to hit the stage in September 2024, and it's bound to be nothing short of magical. 🌠

🌍 Regional Marvel: This festival is a regional masterpiece that will unfold in the enchanting landscapes of Skåne. Their co-founding partners, Malmö city and Lund city, are joining them on this exciting journey, ensuring that the circus magic touches every heart. 💫

🎪 Innovative Initiatives: There's a flurry of exciting projects in the works! Cyclical Learning, a collaboration with DYNAMO and Teatronas, is set to revolutionize how knowledge is shared. Then, there's Tented Futures, where they're crafting sustainable touring tents, making every show eco-friendly. And here's the real showstopper: the aim to give every child in the region a taste of the circus by 2030! 🌱👦👧

🚀 Join the Vision: Their arms are wide open for new ideas and projects. If you're brimming with creativity and want to be a part of this mesmerizing festival vision, they invite you to join in on the excitement! 🌟

🔗 Learn More: For more details, you can head to Explore the magic, and don't miss out! 📜

🌟 Leaders of Tomorrow: That's not all – they've also ignited the New Horizons Leadership Programme NHLP-EU. This program is set to redefine leadership in the circus world. To uncover all the secrets of this initiative, visit 🌐

Cirkus Cirkör, Stockholm/Sweden

(Northern Europe's largest circus company)

🌍 European Odyssey: The enthralling "Knitting Peace" performance has hit the road once again and is weaving its magic across Europe. The profound theme and questions it raises about peace are still painfully relevant in today's world. 🕊️

🚀 A New Marvel Unveiled: Get ready to be swept off your feet by their upcoming production, "Tipping Point – Balancing in a Time of Change." This circus extravaganza is set to push the boundaries of our societal foundations, including democracy, peace, and sustainability. 🤹‍♂️ The creative genius behind this new spectacle is none other than Alexander Weibel Weibel, a brilliant circus artist who has left his mark on several previous Cirkör productions. The world premiere is just around the corner in February 2024, and it promises to be a showstopper! 🌠

🌊 Making Waves: "Aquanauts," the epic outdoor show, made a triumphant return with a sensational new premiere. The last time it graced the stage was in the pre-COVID era. This time, it mesmerized the audience at the opening of the Letni Letna festival in Prague. 🎉

☀️ Summer Circus Magic: During the summer, Cirkör embarked on an enchanting journey through the parks of Stockholm, where they teamed up with Parkteatern to bring "Cirkusliv" to the great outdoors. This magical experience has now evolved into "Extra allt," and they're taking it to schools with an educational workshop twist. 🌳🎈

📚 A World of Creativity: The pipeline is brimming with exciting projects in the planning stage. Stay tuned for more spectacular surprises! 📜

🤝 Collaborative Spirits: Over at BNCN, they are actively participating in the Job Shadowing project and have been an integral part of the NHLP project. They're continuously contributing their expertise and passion to the world of circus. 🌐

(national umbrella organisation of youth circuses in Finland)

📚 Guidebook Extravaganza: They've been hard at work crafting a comprehensive circus guidebook that's all set to light up late autumn 2023. This guidebook promises to be your go-to resource for launching circus spaces. 🎪✨

🎓 Learning Made Fun: They've also whipped up a batch of circus history and knowledge cards designed to make learning a joy, especially for the budding talents in youth circus classes. 🧒📜 Expect these gems to hit the scene in June 2023. 📚🎈

🤸‍♂️ Circus Training Galore: They're on a roll with a Circus Trainer Education program, featuring 6 contact-packed weekends, and an Assistant Trainer Training course spanning 5 action-packed days. Get ready for some serious circus expertise! 🤹‍♀️🏋️‍♀️

🎉 Festival Fever: Mark your calendars for the summer of 2024, because it's going to be a year of celebrations. The "Nurtsi" festival is all set to rock Lahti from the 4th to the 6th of June 2024. Get ready for an unforgettable circus experience! 🎈🌟

🌐 Global Circus Connection: They're proud participants in the ARTiculate Pedagogy Network project, and they have created waves at the Tallinn circus camp. 🌏✨ Participants can't stop raving about their experiences! 🌍🎪

🤝 Job Shadowing Magic: Teaming up with other network members, they're diving headfirst into a Job Shadowing project, where they'll learn, share, and explore new horizons in circus education. 🌠

TEATRONAS, Vilnius/ Lithuania

(organisation developing contemporary circus in Lithuania that also organises contemporary circus festival)

🎪 Thrilling Festival Adventure: Their June festival was an absolute whirlwind of excitement! Imagine a gathering with participants from Senegal, Morocco, Chile, Brazil, and Palestine. Crazy, in the best way possible! 🌎🌟

📆 Next Edition Unveiled: Hold onto your hats because the next edition promises to be even more remarkable. They're dedicating three epic weekends for biographies, ensuring there's time to catch their breath in between. What's more, they're expanding to more cities in Lithuania, strengthening the circus booking resources along the way. 📖📆

🤝 Pioneering Co-Production: They're setting the stage for their very first co-production, "Paces" by Accompany Me, and it's a work in progress that has already created a buzz at the Helium festival. Get ready to be wowed! 🎭🤹

🌍 Transcending Boundaries: They've embarked on a fascinating project involving workshops that bridge the gap between Lithuania and Portugal. The two regions share some common ground, and they're exploring it together. 🇱🇹🌐🇵🇹

🪄 Innovative Direction Change: Teatronas is boldly steering its course towards merging the worlds of circus and theater. They're all about working with both actors and circus artists, ushering in a fresh era of artistic fusion and innovation. 🪄🎭🤹‍♂️

KARAVAN, Malmo/Sweden

(artist-driven stage, a company and a platform for contemporary circus )

🏗️ Expanding Horizons: They're working diligently to secure more space next door, an impressive 9 meters high! This expansion will be a game-changer, unlocking the potential for a flurry of new projects. The possibilities are endless, with daily training for professionals and concurrent residencies and productions in the pipeline. Get ready for an exciting transformation! 🏢🌟

🎪 Innovative Projects: Their project lineup is nothing short of captivating. "Circus for the Future" is a fresh, queer interpretation of the classic "Waiting for Godot" set in a world without trees. It's a thought-provoking journey into the unknown. 🌳🌈

🚌 Circus on Wheels: Say hello to the "Circus Bus"! It's all about bringing people closer to nature and the enchanting world of circus workshops. A mobile wonderland that's about to hit the road! 🚌🌿🎪

🌐 Moire's Grand Tour: Moire has been on the move, touring and captivating audiences far and wide. A whirlwind of artistic expression that's making waves! 🌍🌠

🎪 Karavan Circus Festival: This festival, held in June, was nothing short of spectacular. The performance, the atmosphere, and the energy were truly remarkable. It's an event to remember! 🎉🪂

📚 Educational Outreach: They've also reached out to regular teachers with an invaluable publication – "Circus for Schools." It's designed to empower teachers, not necessarily circus experts. However, they're on the lookout for assistance in translating this resource to reach even more educators. 📖🏫

HRINGLEIKUR, Reykjavik/Iceland

(non-profit member organisation that produces circus shows, cooperative projects and events, runs a youth circus program)

🌐 Sustainable Restructuring: They're embarking on a transformative journey to find the perfect, sustainable management structure. It's a crucial step toward a more effective and streamlined future! ♻️🔍

🌍 "Whatever the Weather" Tour: "Whatever the Weather" is on the move, captivating audiences wherever it goes. This exceptional show is spreading joy and wonder to all corners of the globe! 🌦️🌎

🔬 MegaWhat- Where Science Meets Circus: "MegaWhat" is an extraordinary blend of science and circus. The show, accompanied by engaging workshops, is a fantastic exploration of knowledge and entertainment. 🧪🎪

🌊 Unveiling "The Seamonster": Get ready for the grand premiere of "The Seamonster" in early June 2024. It's a show that promises to be an absolute spectacle, and the plan is to take it on tour to various festivals. 🌟🐉

📚 Pedagogical Endeavors: Education is a priority! They've partnered with a university to offer classes, and the youth classes with 16 students plus an additional 5-6 engaged students are helping to shape the future leaders of the circus world. 🎓👩‍🎓

🔄 Learning from Peers: They're actively engaged in a job shadowing program with fellow members. It's a brilliant way to learn, grow, and collaborate! 👥🔄

RIGA CIRCUS, Riga/Latvia

(multifunctional arts centre that fosters development and accessibility of contemporary circus field, runs a circus school)

🪄 Grand Performance Season Finale: Riga Circus closed its performance season with a spectacular grand performance by Johann Bourgeois, "The One Who Falls." The audience was left in awe! 🎪✨

🌿 Circus for Climate Success: Their dedicated environmental project, "Circus for Climate," in collaboration with Acting for Climate, has concluded triumphantly. This initiative has given birth to the awe-inspiring "Dandelion" performance, available in both large and small-scale formats. It's accompanied by a visually stunning comic book, which has even won accolades for its design at the Latvian Awards! 🌼📖🏆

🏫 Educational Outreach: The small-scale version of "Dandelion" and another production, "Pachamamo" by Mariano Cronopio Gedwillo, are hitting the road. They're set to tour Latvian schools as part of the Latvian school bag program, starting this autumn. 🚍🎓

🌞 RE RIGA! Festival: The 11th edition of the RE RIGA! Festival made a triumphant return to the newly renovated circus building. With an extensive lineup of indoor and outdoor performances, as well as a comprehensive educational program for industry professionals, it was a celebration of circus in its grandest form! 🎉🎪

🎓 New Leadership at Riga Circus School: Since August 2023, Riga Circus School has a new director, Līva Tauriņa. The school is expanding its reach by launching multiple clubs in schools across Riga, providing more young talents with the opportunity to explore the world of circus. 🤹‍♀️🎈

🌍 Circus Night Dedication: In a heartfelt gesture, Rigas Cirks will celebrate Circus Night this year with a special dedication to Ukraine, featuring a creative collective performance by Lekuche on November 16th and the enthralling "Pachamamo" by Cronopio on November 17th. It's bound to be a night of exceptional artistry and solidarity! 🇺🇦🌌

❄️ Winter Transformation: During the winter season, Rigas Cirks arena is getting a makeover with a telescopic seating system and enhanced sound and light equipment. The international grand opening event is scheduled for March 21st and will feature a captivating performance by Bande a Tyrex from France. It will also host the BNCN general meeting, a showcase of Rigas cirks' local productions, a public presentation on the Baltic contemporary circus scene, and more thrilling events to be announced soon! 🎇🌬️🎤🇫🇷

CIRKO, Helsinki/ Finland

(Center for New Circus that promotes and develops contemporary Finnish circus)

🎪 Performing Hel at Cirko: Cirko played a pivotal role as one of the venues for "Performing Hel (Helsinki)", organized by Circus and Dance Info Finland. This event brought together 130 presenters and featured some fantastic demonstrations hosted right here at Cirko. It was a highly productive and inspiring gathering, both for Finnish contemporary circus and Cirko! 🤹‍♂️🏢

🤹‍♀️🎭 Circus and Theater Fusion: Cirko collaborated with Svenska Teatern for "Ronja Rövardotter," a stunning production that masterfully combined elements of theater and circus. This partnership is off to an impressive start and promises to be the beginning of a long and prosperous collaboration. 🤹‍♂️🎭

📅 Seasonal Programs and Co-Productions: Cirko's own seasonal program is kicking off in September. Through the Loisto project, Cirko has been engaging in co-producing practices with two distinct companies in the autumn season: Hands some Feet & Sivuhenkilöt. Working with these diverse companies has been a fantastic learning experience and has opened up new avenues for creative collaboration. 🎭🤝

🌍 Loisto Project for Sustainability: Cirko, in collaboration with Zodiak – Centre for New Dance and Dance House, is actively participating in the Loisto project. This project is all about supporting artists, developing touring and production environments, and fostering sustainability in Finnish performing arts across ecological and social dimensions. The research and benchmarking phase has been a success, and the next step, from 8/2024 to 7/2027, aims to create self-sufficient methods for co-production and touring, eliminating the need for project funding. This paves the way for the development of a sustainable co-production network in collaboration with BNCN members. 🌿🌟

🔍 Strategy Renewal: Cirko is in the process of renewing its strategy for the first half of 2024. The focus is on opening Cirko's walls and sharing expertise to foster professionalism in the circus field. Keep an eye out for an upcoming open call for programs! Collaboration is at the heart of this strategy to enhance sustainability and global outreach. 🌏

🏢 Year-Round Residencies: Cirko continues to offer its year-round residency program. Eligibility extends to anyone with a Finnish connection, whether it's a company with Finnish ties. The residency open call for 10/2024 – 1/2026 will end on October 6th, offering approximately 20 residencies lasting 2-3 weeks. These residencies are generously supported, making it an incredible opportunity for artists and creators. 🏠🌠

JONK! Performing arts, Gothenburg/ Sweden

(national and international performances of contemporary circus, dance, and theatre in Jönköping County)

🌟 Cykelcirkus Success: In August, JONK presented "Cykelcirkus" by the extraordinary company "Circus by Me" in a charming countryside village. The performance drew a massive crowd, with nearly 100 children and their parents participating in engaging workshops on the same day. 🚴🤹‍♀️

🎪 Year of Touring Performances: JONK is gearing up for a fantastic second year of touring international and national performances in collaboration with the new national Circusnet. This collaboration spans across venues in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Sundsvall, Östersund, and Umeå. It's an ambitious undertaking partly supported by Riksteatern and partly by The Swedish Arts Council. Last year, JONK welcomed "Out of Chaos" with Gravity & Other Myths to two cities in the region. In the coming year, two different companies will embark on tours across Sweden with the Circusnet. 🌍🏛️🎭

🏠 Fall Residencies: JONK is proud to host two residencies this fall. The talented duo, Emma Hörnell & Annie Zita, will be completing the last part of their creation, GREMMA, in two villages and are set to hold a public meeting. Additionally, the remarkable company Below Zero will initiate the creation of a new piece designed for smaller spaces in a third location and present a captivating performance. 🎨🎭

🏙️ Jönköping Collaboration: JONK is joining forces with the municipality of Jönköping, the organization "Kulturrätten" for school grants, and the city's tourist office, Destination Jönköping. Together, they are set to present WALD Adaption by the esteemed company Right Way Down. This site-specific performance will be held at the old theater in Jönköping over the course of a week. 🌆🗺️

🎨 Circus Sketching Continues: JONK's exciting Circus Sketching initiative is going strong, maintaining its collaboration with art students, semi-professionals, and regional art museum participants. It's a wonderful platform that fosters artistic exploration and development. 🎨📝

📈 Planning for the Future: JONK is also working diligently on restructuring to meet requests and diverse needs, all in the spirit of fostering positive development and working more sustainably. The future looks bright for JONK! 🌟🏡🤹‍♂️

SUBTOPIA, Stockholm/ Sweden

(a creative cluster with a very active circus department)

🎪 CirkusMania Festival: Mark your calendars for the much-anticipated CirkusMania festival! The festival's program will be officially unveiled on November 30th. Get ready for an incredible circus extravaganza from February 9th to 18th, 2024. During the festival, professionals will gather for the CirkusExpo, organized by Riksteatern, which will take place on the festival's second weekend, February 16th-17th. An exciting collaboration with CirkusExpo will result in the Expo+Mania package, offering seminars, pitches, shows, shuttles, and networking opportunities for professionals and participating artists. It's an event you won't want to miss! 🤹‍♀️📅

🧪 Artistic Lab in Subtopia: Subtopia recently hosted a remarkable 10-day lab as part of the Circusnext initiative, focusing on artistic concept development for pre-selected artists. Guided by the mentorship of Claudio Stellato, this workshop proved to be excellent and highly valuable for the artists as they journeyed with their projects. The success of this lab has sparked the desire to continue hosting similar events in the future. Stay tuned for more creative breakthroughs! 🖌️🧪🌟

🌐 Samovar Circles Think Tank: Subtopia is actively engaged with the Samovar Circles think tank. A workshop, exclusive to the group, just took place in Lithuania this October. Excitingly, something in writing will emerge as a result of this collaborative effort before Christmas. Get ready for inspiring insights and innovative ideas! 🌍🤯🤔

🌟 Webinars and Workshops: Subtopia is committed to knowledge sharing and growth. This autumn, they've organized webinars covering two important topics: 1) exploring the relationship between artists and presenters and 2) promoting diversity in the circus arts. These events are enriching the circus community with valuable discussions and insights. 🖥️💬🤝

🎭 Public Programming in Subtopia: Subtopia's public programming has been faced with challenges due to funding issues. The hope is to secure funding in the future to revitalize the programming and bring more circus performances to Subtopia's audiences. The circus community eagerly anticipates more captivating shows! 🏢🎭📢

PASSAGE (organised by Helsingør Teater), Helsingør/ Denmark

(international street theatre festival that as well presents circus)

🎉 PASSAGE Festival 2023 Success: PASSAGE Festival 2023 was an absolute hit! It featured a full artistic program that left audiences in awe. But that's not all. PASSAGE also hosted a 3-day seminar on Performing Arts in Public Spaces in a Nordic-Baltic Context. This seminar marked the exciting first round of the Nordic Street Network project, which received funding from the Nordic Culture Point. And, even more thrilling, a second application for this project has been submitted. Stay tuned for the next round of amazing events! 🌆🤩🎭🌐

☀️ Summer Camp 2023: This summer, PASSAGE hosted 13 young Europeans who participated in workshops and lent their support to the festival. PASSAGE extends an open invitation each year for youngsters connected to your organization who'd like to experience a Nordic Street Theater festival. It's an incredible opportunity for budding talents! 🌞🌍🎪🤸‍♂️

🌿 Creative Europe Grant: Excitingly, in August, PASSAGE received fantastic news. Their Creative Europe application, "Green Streets of Europe," was granted! This project focuses on creating more sustainable festival formats and touring practices. By the end of 2023, they'll be launching an open call for participation. Your help with distributing this information will be greatly appreciated. Let's join hands for a greener future! 🌳🌍🚀

📅 PASSAGE 2024: The planning and programming for PASSAGE 2024 are already in full swing. The team remains dedicated to sustainability and decentral festival thinking, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all attendees. Mark your calendars for an extraordinary event! 📆🌱🏙️

🤹 Partners in the Hand to Hand Project: PASSAGE is actively involved in the "Hand to Hand" project, which features eight selected circus artists embarking on residencies. During these residencies, they will explore various manual labor and trades, such as fishing, winemaking, salt making, and papermaking. Keep up with their incredible journey on Facebook and Instagram! 🤸‍♂️🎨🍷🌊

NyCirkus Öst, Östergötland/Sweden

(a platform that works with circus development)

🎪 Residency Program Success: The Cirkus Eldorado is thrilled to announce the successful completion of an incredibly vital interregional residency program, CirkusResidensX3. In this program, a talented circus company had the unique opportunity to enjoy a six-week residency in not one, but three different regions! With 300,000 SEK in financial support and invaluable coaching and mentoring from various partner organizations, this was a game-changing experience for the circus world. Here's a peek into the incredible journey:

🏞️ Residency 1: Älvängs Natur & Kultuhus, Uppsala

🏡 Residency 2: Cirkuskvarnen, Västra Götaland

🏛️ Residency 3: Agora Kulturhus, Östergötland

🎉 Youth Circus Enthusiasm: This summer, the Cirkus Eldorado hosted a phenomenal youth camp that drew over 50 participants from various youth circuses. The energy, creativity, and talent of these young performers were truly inspiring.

🤹‍♀️ Supporting Professional Circus Artists: The Cirkus Eldorado continues to provide an open training space for professional circus artists. Plus, they have an exciting workshop coming up on October 28th! The workshop will delve into the captivating world of Pyramid and Banquine, featuring artists from the renowned French company XY.

🎭 Creating a Show: The Cirkus Eldorado is proud to have supported the creation process of "Marianne och jag," a brand-new performance by Apocalyptic Circus & Cirk-L. This mesmerizing show stars Linn Broden, Karin Broden, and Hedvig Broden.

🤸‍♂️ Empowering Circus Trainers: The Cirkus Eldorado is dedicated to enhancing the skills of circus trainers. They are organizing "trainer exchanges" between different youth circuses in the region. And from December 15th to 17th, they are joining forces with CirkusFlättan to host the "Pedagogkonferens," a conference exclusively designed for circus trainers.

Arts Printing House, Vilnius/Lithuania

(performing arts venue that support contemporary circus in Lithuania)

🎪 Circus Workshops for Kids: There's a growing interest in circus workshops for kids, with a particular highlight being the "Cultural Pass" program. In Lithuania, this initiative allows pupils to receive funds to participate in cultural activities arranged by their teachers. It's a fantastic way to introduce young minds to the magic of the circus. 📅 Regular Open Workshops for Kids: An exciting addition to the circus landscape is the introduction of regular open circus workshops for kids. These workshops are scheduled every last Saturday of the month, providing children with the opportunity to explore the world of circus arts and let their creativity soar. 🎉 Contemporary Circus Festival HELIUM: The 17th edition of the Contemporary Circus Festival HELIUM, which took place from September 5th to 10th, was a resounding success. Notably, a free 3-day workshop for professionals was offered by Side-Show company (BE), attracting a dynamic group of 12 artists with diverse backgrounds. 📆 Mark Your Calendar: Get ready for the next edition of HELIUM, set to light up the circus calendar around September 10-15th. This edition promises to focus on Baltic performances and the vibrant French-Belgian circus scene. It's a can't-miss event for circus enthusiasts and professionals. 🏡 Circus Residencies: All international residencies for 2023 have been successfully completed. If you're aware of anyone in need of a circus residency for two weeks in July-August 2024, do not hesitate to reach out at It's an incredible opportunity for artists to nurture their talents!


(performing arts and circus company and network combining environmental action and art)

🌍 Acting for Climate: Pioneering Sustainable Performance Art!

Acting for Climate is on a mission to inspire people to act for a more sustainable future through performing arts. Here are some exciting updates from their journey:

🌳 BARK: Forest Performance Tour: Acting for Climate recently wrapped up the tour of their remarkable forest performance, BARK. They ventured to various places from Norway to Lithuania during the summer, collaborating with incredible individuals and maintaining their commitment to sustainable touring practices. It's a testament to their dedication to both art and the environment.

🤝 Collaboration with Dynamo Workspace: Renewing their collaboration with Dynamo Workspace, Acting for Climate had the pleasure of connecting with BNCN members in Odense, creating a vibrant network of artists and sustainability enthusiasts.

🇸🇰 Jelšava Restoration Project: In March 2024, Acting for Climate will return to Slovakia to continue their project in partnership with Jelšava municipality, YMCA Revúca, Banská Bystrica Region Youth Council, and KROMPACIK. The project aims to promote inclusion and art methods while integrating the Roma community. Follow the project's progress here: Jelšava Restoration Project.

🌿 ALIVE: A Multidisciplinary Exploration: The team is hard at work on their newest performance, ALIVE. This work in progress is a multidisciplinary performance delving into humanity's deep connection with trees. Learn more about this exciting project here: ALIVE.

🌊 CURRENTS: A Worldwide Sailing Tour: One of their most ambitious endeavors is CURRENTS, a three-year-long global sailing tour uniting art and environmental action. The main team of five traveling artists will visit harbors worldwide, collaborating with local artists, environmentalists, activists, and scientists. Dive deeper into this thrilling journey at CURRENTS. The premiere is set for Spring 2024, and they're eager to share more details!


(one of the biggest arts and culture center in Stockholm area with an active circus department)

🌟 Spectacular Autumn Lineup: They've set the stage ablaze with three breathtaking performances: "Party Ghost," "The Vessel," and "Casting Off." Each show, hosted on the "Little Stage" with 270 seats, has been met with roaring applause and almost fully booked houses!

🚀 Upcoming Sensations: Brace yourself for the circus wonders of "Chevalier" and "Le Gateau Chocolat," ready to enthrall audiences. But that's not all! February brings the sensational "Circus Mania" festival, promising electrifying shows for schools and the public alike.

🌍 International & Swedish Talent: With a goal to showcase at least eight performances annually, they brilliantly blend Swedish and international acts. From the cozy setting of "Kilen" (80 seats) to the grandeur of the "Big Stage" (700 seats), they're captivating around 4,000 spectators each year.

🎪 Circus Proficiency: Their mission extends beyond performances. They're determined to elevate circus arts and boost their communicative prowess. With a vision to make circus an integral part of cultural life, they're ensuring that the world sees its power and allure.

Dive into the dazzling world of circus at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern! 🎭🤹‍♂️🌟 Explore more at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Circus. Don't miss out on the circus magic! 🎉✨🤩

Silence festival, Kaukonen/ Finland

(international circus art & classical music festival)

🎪 Silence Festival - Lapland's Artistic Marvel!

🎉 Mark Your Calendar: An unforgettable experience awaits from June 6 to 9, 2024, at Silence Festival. Get ready for an electrifying program featuring two captivating circus premieres, a highlight of their innovative "10 X" project.

🌟 The 10 X Project: "10 X" is a commissioning project that supports the employment of circus artists and strengthens the Silence organisation's ability to continue to operate professionally as a platform for circus art in the future. With at least 18 talents in the spotlight, they're not just creating shows; they're blazing trails into new horizons.

🚀 Shaping Artistic Landscapes: Silence Festival is coordinating a project that collects information on freelancers and art communities who professionally create art and culture in Lapland (backed by the Lapland Regional Council). The insights gathered are poised to shape the entire Finnish Lapland region's cultural strategy!

(info center for Finnish contemporary circus and dance)

🌍 International Connections: They've been on a globe-trotting journey, from Paris to Tokyo, forging connections and enriching the world of circus and dance. 🗼🇯🇵

🇩🇪 Circus Exchange: Through the Finnish German Residency Exchange project, they've supported talented artists across borders. The project continues, bridging nations and cultures. 🇩🇪🌏

🎭 Performing Prowess: Their recent spectacular showcases in Helsinki left audiences spellbound, demonstrating their commitment to the art of performance. 🎪✨

💡 Visionary Strategies: Beyond performances, they're dedicated to elevating circus arts and enhancing communication strategies, shaping a future where circus takes center stage in cultural life. 🌟🤹‍♀️

💼 Team Transformation: A merger between CircusInfo Finland and Dance Info Finland has opened new horizons and a dynamic future. Meet their passionate team ready to embrace endless possibilities. 📸🌈

🗓️ Save the Dates: Make sure to mark your calendars for a series of enchanting circus events in Finland, with a world of magic waiting for you. 🎪🎉📆

Upcoming circus events in Finland: Object Festival, Nov 4–25, 2023 Helsinki

Ounous festival, Dec 10–12, 2023 Helsinki

Thank you for reading and see you in the the next hot pot!

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