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Meet Riga ICCE Keynote Speaker Alisan Funk

We have introduced you to Daniel Gulko, now let us introduce our second keynote speaker – Alisan Funk. She will be speaking about Physical literacy and circus & leading a workshop on Physical Literacy as an advocacy tool in circus. Let’s take a more detailed look at what this means.

Alisan Funk is an Assistant professor of Circus and Head of the Bachelor Programme in Circus at the Stockholm University of the Arts. Drawing on her background in circus performance, education, and creation, she researches in the intersections of circus and higher education using the fields of curriculum studies, creativity research, and gender studies. Her solo and collaborative publications include scholarly investigations into circus education, youth circus, physical literacy, and gender. Strongly invested in translating knowledge between circus and academic contexts, she also works towards the ongoing development of international circus education and research with the European Federation of Circus Schools and the Circus Arts Research Platform

KEYNOTE: Physical literacy and circus Circus teachers and practitioners experience the power of learning circus first-hand. It can be difficult to explain circus to policy-makers, funding bodies, and curriculum developers who have never participated in circus directly. Physical Literacy provides circus advocates with a framework that reveals particular values circus activities contribute to students and programs.

WORKSHOP: Physical Literacy as an advocacy tool in circus In this session, we will look at different physical literacy assessment tools, discuss different types of circus advocacy strategies, and workshop using these tools and strategies in scenarios proposed by the participants.

Organized by BNCN, Cirkus Syd and Rīgas cirks Riga ICCE will take place on the 10th and 11th of May, at Zeļļu Street 25, Riga.

The main themes of Riga ICCE 2022 are artistic thinking in education, an inclusive approach to education, and physical literacy in artistry.

The program will have three main types of events – keynote speeches – TED Talk-style speeches that will be held by one of our keynote speakers in person AND broadcast live, world cafes – round-table discussions led by an expert on the topic held in person AND online, and workshops. Detailed topics of each event can be found below the schedule.

Register for Riga ICCE here.

This activity is supported by Nordic Culture Point, Nordic Culture Ministry, Baltic-American Freedom Foundation and Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation


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