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A review of Riga ICCE 2022

On May 10th and 11th, a group of international artists, teachers, scholars, producers, and enthusiasts came to Riga, Latvia, to hear about circus and new ways to approach learning and education. The keynote speeches from Daniel Gulko on the first day, Texas Holly, and Alisan Funk on the second day have hopefully left our participants with a newfound curiosity to create and share knowledge.

They were followed by World Cafes which lead to many stimulating discussions. The ideas of Creative be-ing as growth, inclusion in circus education, and the connection between circus education and physical literacy were introduced to us by the keynotes and carried throughout the conference. It gave us new insights into how to be inclusive within a concept and not as an afterthought, what do we understand as our “community”. The two days finished with a performance from the Riga Circus school, as well as the performance of circus artist Aleksey Smolov. These events were followed by BNCN members gathering, exchanging ideas and planning future steps.

Photos by Vladimir Svetlov

We hope to see everyone who came and all who were interested at our next event! Thank you for being with us.

The project is co-created by Cirkus Syd and Riga Circus and wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Nordic Culture Point, Nordic Culture Ministry, Baltic-American Freedom Foundation, and Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation.


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