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ARTiculate Pedagogy Strategic work

In August our network’s pedagogy group hosted the first in a series of network meetings to map circus education in our region and to develop a strategy for our work and collaborations on Baltic Nordic Circus Education. Next meeting was planned to take place in November 2020, but due to Corona the meeting is moved until spring 2021.


  1. Exchange knowledge and experience on circus education

  2. Collectively create tools and methods to advance artistic thinking in circus education

  3. Collect and disseminate information/practises to/from the wider relevant community

Beyond the network we reach out to the community of those interested in developing circus education in the Baltic-Nordic region to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you. We seek both those who are interested in sharing local and regional knowledge as well as organisations wishing to partner on future collaborative projects and form part of a pedagogy network for our region. Partners in this project are: Cirkus Syd (SE), Rigas Cirks (LV), Finnish Youth Circus Association (FI), AFUK (DK), Tsirkus Studio Folie (EE), Arts Printing House (LT), Sirkunst (NO) and Nycirkus Öst (SE). Associate partners: Hringleikur (IS), Cirkuliacija (LT).

This work is supported by


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