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Happy summer holidays!

Before we all go lay in the beach, Baltic Nordic Circus Network wants to wish you a good summer holiday and let you know about our plans for the autumn!

We had a great spring with our projects – Dramatic fields (interview with facilitator Jarkko Lehmus) and our Riga International Conference of Circus Education (recap of the conference that we are super proud of!).

Although summer is a time for relaxation and swimming in the lake, it is also a time for festivals! If you are thinking of visiting one, check out the list of summer circus festival happening in the Nordic and Baltic region.

Riga International Conference of Circus education/ Photo by Vladimir Svetlov

What to expect in the autumn

So we have two big projects coming up in autumn/ winter!

Articulate pedagogy network – we are very delighted to announce that we were granted a 3 year project in the frame work of Articulate pedagogy network, so for upcoming 3 years we will be building capacity, doing masterclasses, tasting workshops, job shower and a lot of other things to strengthen the circus education sector  (woohooo!). More info about this later.

New Horizon Leadership Summit – book your time and travel! 1-3 rd of December we are going to have another great event – New Horizon Leadership Summit is a festival of ideas for the future of culture, lead by circus. Happening live in Lund, Sweden! We are planning an ambitious programme of workshops, seminars and live performances across 4 venues. More info and pre-registration here.

Have an awesome summer!

Your truly,

Baltic Nordic Circus Network

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