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New Website Theme


Here we are at members Cirko’s Festival in Helsinki, Finland. Tomorrow Lina, Coordinator will make a presentation of the network and to coincide we are updating the theme of the website. Hope you like it.

We’ve tried to simplify and share information more easily with you. As documentation and news are gathered the website will fill up with more news and resources. This website is meant primarily as a community resource where we collect and share info as well as keep you updated with our projects.

We’ve created a feedback form for you to tell us how you think this site can work better, what info you came to look for and didn’t find as well as what information you think BNCN could try and collect that would be useful for you and everyone else? We are also interested in blog topics you might want to read?

At present the web design is made in house with limited capacity, but just because the website is lo-fi now does not mean it will always stay that way so suggest away!

We want this website to be useful for you.


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