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Registration open: ARTiculate 1.0 digital workshops

It’s happening! As a result of Corona regulations we have created a digital version of the two workshops that were supposed to happen in Norrköping and Vilnius last fall. They will be streamed from Stenkrossen in Lund this spring. 

ARTiculate Circus is a developmental learning, training and research project, which ultimately aims to articulate how the Baltic and Nordic region can work together to develop circus education and its relationship with artistic thinking.

Organisations across every country in the Baltic and Nordic region mention that teaching artistic thinking is often missing and teachers tend to focus on teaching tricks (ie technical manoeuvres aimed at exceeding in difficulty to produce awe). For eg if you are great at handstands you can probably teach someone else to do a handstand too, but perhaps not to become a handstand artist. What are the missing links that allow a Hand Balancer with incredible technique to become a great Performing Artist? and how can a circus teacher help create those links for their students?

The BNCN Pedagogical working group members Julian Sæther (NO) and Grete Gross (EE), have both studied circus both on youth circus and higher education level. They admit that there is a lack of knowledge in mixing creative teaching with technique training in all levels of circus teaching. The artistic part is mostly focused on creating a specific circus act or a performance, and during training sessions technique and creative studies are almost always separated. When this separation starts already on the youth circus level, it is also more difficult for young circus artists to open up creatively in higher education studies. While contemporary circus has been developing fast on a performative level, the way of teaching is still often stuck in the methods of traditional circus with the creativity being more of an add-on flavour than an integrated method. This easily ends up with one of the problems that contemporary circus is mostly accused of by other art forms – in doing tricks just for show off and escaping behind them while letting the real meaning of the performance get lost. In these ARTiculate workshops we will be learning how to pin down Artistic Thinking, and figuring out how to integrate it with our technical work.

Therefore these workshops will focus on sharing experiences from the participants. We’re interested in taking care of each participant’s current knowledge, in order to build and share techniques, interests and values.

Aim of the workshops:

• Equip circus teachers currently active in the field with tools that they can apply directly in their circus teaching

• Facilitate sharing inter-culturally between circus teachers active in the profession across the Baltic and Nordic countries.

• Facilitate learning on how to develop methods for increased artistic thinking in circus education

• To kick-start a new era of circus teaching where artistic thinking is part of the package

Eligibility To register for either of these workshops you need to: 

– Be a circus teacher from any country in the Baltic and Nordic countries. We will welcome participants from Åland, Faroe Islands and Greenland.

– Have a minimum of 2 years experience of teaching circus at any level, as a regular commitment/investment, not only as a weekly evening class.

– Be teaching currently and have possibility to immediately implement the learning and realisations from the workshop

We welcome participants from: 

– Circus teachers from any socio-economic or ethnic background, any age or gender. – Circus teachers from any discipline within the circus field. – Circus teachers active in any field of circus teaching including, but not exclusive to academic, youth circus, social circus, hobby circus and formal circus education. – Circus education professionals working across other projects tackling similar or related issues.

Workshop Leader:

Tim Lenkiewicz is an award winning artistic director and an accomplished producer, project leader, teacher, theatrical sound designer and circus rigger. For the last twenty years, Circus has led Tim around the world and back again; first performing, and since 2009 directing performances that combine circus with dance and theatre to create beautiful innovative storytelling. He trained at London’s National Centre for Circus Arts, and Kiev State College for Circus and Variety arts. Producing work through collaboration, or under his own name and that of Square Peg Contemporary Circus, he has received multiple prestigious commissions and carried out extensive touring both in the UK and internationally. As a director he is interested in the idea that the virtuoso physical languages of Circus communicate meaning, and is always looking for new opportunities to explore this.

The workshops feature content from additional speakers including Jarkko Lehmus on Artistic Thinking.

Jarkko Lehmus works as the producer responsible for the artistic programme of Cirko – Center for New Circus in Helsinki (Fi), and as a freelance dramaturg, director and choreographer specialising in non-verbal performative arts. He holds an MA Dramaturgy & Writing for performance from Goldsmiths, University of London, MA Arts Policy & Management from Birkbeck, University of London and BA (Hons) Theatre from Guildford School of Acting. Over the past three decades Jarkko has worked internationally in the performing arts. His professional experience ranges from physical theatre to neoclassical ballet and conceptual performance art to acting on the stage and in front of the camera. In his work regardless of the professional title he concentrates on physical effects of imagination, emotions and empathy and the collaboration between arts and sciences


Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis according to our eligibility criteria – meaning that if you fit the eligibility criteria, and there is a space free for someone from your country, you will be granted a space.

Your registration is not certain until BNCN has been in touch to confirm your space.

The course will be full when all places are filled, so the earlier you register, the more likely you are to get a spot.

There is a participation fee to reserve your place. Participants will only be asked to pay once their registration has been confirmed by BNCN. All participants need to pay the registration fee in order to keep their place.

Workshop I: Audience: circus pedagogs working with children and young people Dates: Tuesday 4th – Friday 7th of May Time: 9:00-13:15 CET Sign up here

Workshop II: Audience: circus pedagogs working with adults Dates: Tuesday 11th – Friday 14th of May Time: 9:00-13:15 CET  Sign up here

Workshop cost: 

Participation fees €15 Baltic participants

Participation fees €25 Nordic participants

Project partners: Cirkus Syd (SE), Riga Circus (LV), Sirkunst (NO), Arts Printing House (LT), Nycirkus Öst (SE), Finnish Youth Circus Association (FI), Circus Studio Folie (EE), AFUK (DK).

Associate partners:

This project is supported by:


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