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Registration OPEN ARTiculate Circus 2

ARTiculate Circus 2 – Developing methods of teaching circus practise in the Baltic-Nordic region

BNCN is interested in articulated in how the Baltic and Nordic region can work together to develop circus education and its’ relationship with artistic thinking. As a result we are hosting two workshops for circus teachers. The first took place in Riga in October 2018. The second will take place in Helsinki on the 18th and 19th of February 2019. Registration for workshop 2 open now!

“Thank you very much for the workshop! It kind of returned my faith (or hope) to circus. Quite often circus practice seems to be reduced to merely technique, which misses the whole point of the activity, in my opinion. This was very important workshop and I hope more circus teachers around the area could attend to something like this!” – Participant of ARTiculate Circus Workshop 1 in Riga.

The workshop in Helsinki runs over two full days. It’s aimed towards those with 3+ years of circus teaching experience and who are in a position to implement their skills immediately in their own country. ARTiculate Circus Workshop 2 is lead by Mikko Rinnevuori (FI) on his method of Open Level Teaching.

How to teach Open Level Open Level is a method developed by Mikko Rinnevuori which uses the mixing ages, abilities and other multipliers together as a strength towards the individuals’ development. In this workshop Mikko will show how this is possible, explain why this methods prefers diversity as opposed to the ‘same’ signifiers in the same class and discuss why groups should or should not be arranged according to ability.  Mikko will also go through working in pairs, impact of peer group work and the roles of teachers. This is a very practical workshop with some theory to back up the concept.

Workshop place: Parkourakatemia, Helsinki Dates: 18-19th of February Times: 10-17:00 both days (coffee and arrival 9.30 day one) The workshop is free to attend and lunch is provided on both days.

See below how to register. We have a limited amount of travel bursaries to apply for. At the end of the two workshops there will be a publication developed and published of the findings.


Mikko Rinnevuori (FI)  – Movement Analysis and Cognitive/Pedagogical Development

Mikko Rinnevuori is a Master of Educational Sciences with experience in practicing capoeira, breakdance, aerial acrobatics as well as handstand. He has studied at the Intrépida Trupe Acrobatics Group in Rio de Janeiro in 2003-2004 and has competed in the TeamGym National Team in 2008 and 2009. He has worked as a professional acrobat with Race Horse Company in 2014-2018.

In 2010-2018 he operated as headmaster of Circus Helsinki school, now running The Parcour Academy and Circus School of Helsinki, where he also works as a teacher. Mikko emphasises clear, functional and safe exercises with a focus on each student’s skills and individual needs, with teaching topics ranging from clear classical movements to experimentation. He has written two acrobatics books about training, “Basics of Floor Acrobatics (2014) and “Basics of Handstanding (2016)”. Languages of instruction: Finnish, English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Swedish and Norwegian


To register you need to fill in the google form below. Registrants will be checked against the eligibility criteria and accepted on a first come first serve basis. Meaning if you register and there is a space left you will be accepted, therefore the earlier you register the higher likelihood you will have to secure a place. From the 2nd of January we will start to notify registrants whether their space is confirmed or not. If you have not heard back by the 10th of January please email info(a) For any questions also email info(a)

Please note that if you are confirmed a place, but do not reply to the email within one week your place will be given to someone else.

Eligibility: 1. You need to be a circus teacher with minimum 3 years experience of teaching 2. You need to be based in a country in the Baltic Nordic region; Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Iceland. For this workshop Baltic states have priority to attend. 3. You need to be able to implement what you are taught in this workshop immediately – meaning you need to be active as a  circus teacher and have the ability to structure your own lessons or influence the way circus is taught in the place you teach.

There is a limited amount of travel support available.

Featured image by Inese Kalnina

ARTiculate Circus is funded by Nordisk Kulturfond



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