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REGISTRATION OPEN: ARTiculate Circus workshops for Circus Teachers

ARTiculate Circus – Developing methods of teaching circus practise in the Baltic-Nordic region

BNCN is interested in articulating how the Baltic and Nordic region can work together to develop circus education and its’ relationship with artistic thinking. As a result we are hosting two workshops for circus teachers in the coming months.

The first will take place in Riga from 11-12th of Oct. Registration for workshop 1 open now!

The workshop is presented in collaboration with Riga Circus runs over two full days (daytime) with two different teachers. It’s aimed towards those with considerable experience in circus teaching to come together and under the facilitation of teachers Reija Tapaninen (Day 1) and John-Paul Zaccarini (Day 2) collectively explore approaches to developing practise of teaching circus incorporating both the technical and the artistic qualities required to develop into a contemporary circus artist.

The workshop is free to attend and lunch is provided on both days.

The workshop is open to any circus teacher with considerable experience of circus education and its practical implementation. Priority given to Baltic and Nordic Circus Teachers. Any remaining places to be filled up with participants from outside the region. We very much welcome registrations from older circus teachers (meaning any age from 30 and upwards according to funding criteria).

Registration is open!  If you fullfill the criteria you are accepted and will be notified via email. There is no deadline, when the course is full the registration will close. The first 3 who register and be accepted will get 1 night paid of accommodation at hotel. We also have a number of travel bursaries of €250 each available to apply for.

We are happy to assist in finding cheap accommodation as much as possible for those who would appreciate it.

There will be a second workshop in Helsinki on the 18-19th of February 2019 on Open Level Teaching run by Mikko Rinnevouri. Details on this workshop to come. SAVE THE DATES.

At the end of the two workshops there will be a publication developed and published of the findings.

Reija Tapaninen has a Master degree in Dance and education in circus arts. She has studied theatre, physical comedy with specialisation in clown. She has worked as a teacher in several circus schools in Helsinki (youth circus) and lately in Tampere (youth circus and social circus groups). She has experience teaching students in higher education as well as teaching professional artists. As a teacher she values empathy and student-based methods. More and more in her teaching she is interested in concentrating on breathing and awareness of the body which allows us to be present in the world as well as on the stage. Reija is a member of contemporary circus group Zero Gravity Company as Director and Producer. Last year she worked as Producer at Sirkus Faktori, a brand new space for contemporary circus in Tampere.

John-Paul Zaccarini is an Artist and Associate Professor in Circus at The University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm (DOCH). Outside of his work at DOCH John-Paul is currently developing new work and touring his new show ‘Head’ – a return to the stage after an 8 year interlude

For questions email info(a)

These workshops are made possible by the generous support of Nordisk Kulturfond and Nordic Culture Point.





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