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Rigorous Practise 2019-2020 report available

Autumn 2019 – Spring 2020 BNCN has been conducting a project into circus rigging in the Baltic Nordic region. The project aimed to explore gaps in the technical knowledge for contemporary circus presentation in the Baltic-Nordic countries and starts to bench-mark the existing knowledge in the Baltic-Nordic rigging community. We aimed to develop two workshops or masterclasses aimed at technical professionals outside of the circus industry in order to spread the knowledge outside of our sector and create positive synergies, learning and new connections. During the project a global pandemic was declared. We share with you our evaluation report of the project and what went down.

Download the report by clicking the image icon below

Project Partners: Manegen (SE), Riga Circus (LV), Cirkus Cirkör (SE), Cirko Centre for New Circus (FI), Cirkus Syd (SE) and Dynamo (Dk).

Disclaimer: The Rigorous Practise Evaluation Report document is produced by Baltic Nordic Circus Network 2020. It is free to quote and distribute publicly in print and online without requesting permission from BNCN.


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