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Teatronas – the new BNCN host organisation

It is a time full of changes. The Baltic Nordic Circus Network will be switching hands at the end of the year. Cirkus Syd (SE) and Rigas Cirks (LV) will be handing the title of host organization over to Teatronas (LT).

“It is an important step for a Baltic organization to take over the hosting wheel of such an important network – we are always minimizing our achievements and feeling insecure about our future. But now our “soft spot” is pressed since we tend to care for others more than ourselves. So this is a win-win situation in which we can help the region and be proud of our organization taking up this responsibility.” Gildas Aleksa, artistic director of the theatre company of Teatronas, the international contemporary circus festival “Cirkuliacija” and the first and only contemporary circus center in Lithuania “Cirko Sapiens”

We are happy for Teatronas to be taking over, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Baltic Nordic Circus Network! Thank you to Cirkus Syd and Rigas Cirks for the past years of co-hosting, it was a pleasure.


Photo by Donatas Ališauskas (@garbatonasfotografas), from Cirkuliacija festival

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