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Youth Circus Summer camp - done!

Today we want to share some moments from the Youth Circus Summer camp that happened in Tallinn on the 30th of July - 5th of August. 50 kids and 10 trainers (from 5 different countries) were enjoying themselves in a Youth Circus Summer camp this year!

The goal of such camp was to create a space where youth circus teachers and young people can share their knowledge and experience being part of the community of circus artists in the region.

The camp was also a place for kids to try out new disciplines (as some schools that they came from don't have all circus disciplines). They also had creation workshops to help them understand how they can use disciplines for creation (or in general, how to use creativity!).

All in all, this was a wonderful experience for the kids and trainers from Nordic Baltic region and we are super happy to be able to provide this opportunity (and help develop contemporary circus education field ).

This is the purest form of support for the contemporary circus education - investing in the young generation that can in the future become artists, audience members or work in management in contemporary circus in the region.

Shout out to our main partners (that hosted the camp) Tsirkusestuudio Folie and Terje Bernadt for hard work (before and during the camp).

Also, big thanks to our partners for their support and work AFUK, Foreningen Ørkenfortet, Rīgas cirks , Finnish Youth Circus Association, Studija "Delarija“ and their wonderful trainers - Mikk Bernadt and Mia Erika Peterson from Studio Folie (Estonia), Aleksejs Smolovs Mariano Alberto Gedwillo from Riga Circus (Latvia), Anna Lawaetz and Albert Ivarsson from Orkenfortet (Denmark), Senni Nuutinen and Maiski Tiainen from Kuopio circus (Finland) and Lithuanians Karolina Stanionytė and Aistė Aleksiūnaitė from Delarija!

Youth Circus Summer camp is a part of ARTiculate Pedagogy Network.

Supported by Nordic Culture Point.


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